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Textile industry "big" hand collision spark to create ingenuity products

2017-04-21 15:24:34 Zhejiang Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. Read


The picture shows the Hangzhou Wanli Silk Culture Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Jianhua and Ningbo Bo Yang Textile Co., Ltd. Chairman Jiang Wuji together to start strategic cooperation. Activities provided by the organizers

June 18 (Xu Hanwen) 18, with Hangzhou Wanli Silk Culture Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Jianhua and Ningbo Bo Yang Textile Co., Ltd. Chairman Jiang Wuji hand will be held together, everything Silk and Bo Yang Home Textiles officially announced the establishment of strategic cooperation, the two industry leaders will jointly create a consumer to bring the ultimate sleep experience of home textiles products.

The initiative one, Bo Yang textile has become another thing Silk's "close" partner.

The reason why "again", because as early as the end of last year, everything Silk has with the Bank of China, Bank of China Investment Zhejiang Industrial Fund Management (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. and other companies to carry out cross-border cooperation. Now, with the cooperation of foreign counterparts Bo Yang textile, everything silk Italy intended?

For deep plowing silk industry for more than 40 years of all things Silk, has been committed to the soft silk and health culture into the home of every corner of life. In 2016, Wanli organized a professional R & D team, the consumer groups accurately positioned in the pursuit of healthy quality in the high-end elite who developed high-quality, excellent experience of the gold standard silk, won the white-collar family and the elite of the great recognition The

Last year's G20 summit, the gold standard silk was elected president of the hotel to accept the designated products, but also by the President sent a letter of thanks and the major reception of the hotel affirmed.

This time with the Silk Silk announced cooperation Bo Yang home textiles, with "Chinese people's home text from Bo Yang began" reputation. As the 25-year-old women with soft tasting ability for the positioning of the crowd of light luxury brand, Bo Yang home textile has now shown a wedding, elegant, Chinese style, art cross-border and other unique and diverse product style, and modern home textiles Life is highly integrated, to create a very unique brand image and product characteristics.

The cooperation, everything Lee gold standard series of famous "partner" Bo Yang textile high-end suite of famous, "polished" a healthy and comfortable home textiles products.

Li Jianhua bluntly, cross-border is an important business model of silk, but with the peer to carry out strategic cooperation, for all things silk, is the first time.

For this extraordinary "first time", Li Jianhua said: "In the past that the peer is the enemy, but today everything seems, all the world's enterprises are no friends, only friends, because in the mobile Internet era, our business The environment has changed dramatically, and as long as we can join hands, we can create a new history.

In this regard, Bo Yangfang chairman Jiang Wuji agreed, he said: the two companies are made in China's textile industry in the excellent brand, but also has a lot of common values of things, hope that the two sides can create a strategic cooperation atmosphere, "Chemical reaction", to bring consumers a more superior experience.

In the future, the two brands will be the idea and innovative thinking in the product, to create high-quality products, passed to the consumer comfortable home life attitude.

Li Jianhua finally expressed confidence in the cooperation: "Since the walk together, is a family, must have the courage and strength of each other, everything will be partners together, bring a new business model, generate new Strength, for China's textile industry to bring new vitality. "(End)