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Shawan textile and garment industry with each passing day

2017-04-21 15:23:57 Zhejiang Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. Read


Recently, in Shawan Textile and Garment Industrial Park, colorful sunshine Textile Co., Ltd. finished quilts processing workshop, the workers are stepping up to order orders, a group of finished summer cool, winter and other textile products will be Sold throughout the country.

Shawan Colorful Sunshine Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Jinguouhe Industrial Park, which was established in May 2016. It mainly produces all kinds of textile products and adopts the combination of online and offline sales. Through Alibaba 1688, Taobao and other platforms are sold online , And to physical stores, groups and buy and so on line sales.

Shawan Colorful Sunshine Textile Co., Ltd. General Manager Wei Feng said: "Sand Bay has high-quality cotton resources, it is suitable for the development of our textile and garment industry.With this advantage, we can effectively improve the value of high-quality cotton raw materials, Kg of cotton added value may reach 30,40 yuan, or even more.

Shawan County Textile and Garment Industry Park as an autonomous region "three city seven garden a center" of the textile park, Shawan County Industrial Park is also an important part, including the letter Thai textile 200,000 spinning, Tiantai fiber 100,000 tons of viscose Short fiber, Yu Xinyuan textile 100,000 high-grade spinning and other 10 textile and apparel projects, smooth progress.

At present, the textile and garment industry park in North China weaving center planning has been completed, the basic investment has been completed 240 million yuan. After the completion of the project, will become a textile and garment, knitting, hosiery, carpets, high-grade home textiles, industrial textiles mainly of modern textile processing area, to achieve the goal of 70,000 people employment.

"In recent years, the textile and garment industry has developed rapidly, showing strong momentum, the textile park infrastructure is perfect, but also attract some mainland enterprises to Shawan investment from the current development of the textile industry, The situation, we expect the textile and garment industry investment can be completed 2.5 billion, the introduction of nearly seven textile and garment enterprises settled in our clothing industry park.

Xinjiang Xin Thai Textile Co., Ltd. is the first batch of Shawan County textile industry park spinning enterprises, the company plans to build a total of 600,000 high-end ring spinning project, a total investment of 1.5 billion. 2016, the letter Thai Textile Co., Ltd. a total investment of 560 million yuan a 200,000 high-end ring spinning project has been completed and put into production.

Li Renxin, general manager of Xinjiang Xintai Textile Co., Ltd., said: "The successful operation of the Company's 200,000-item project has effectively promoted the construction of the existing plant area and the second phase spinning project. At present, the annual output value of the company More than 300 million yuan, the project is currently driving more than 1,000 new jobs .2017, our output value will reach 1.5 billion yuan, the employment will reach more than 3,000 people.