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Ten initiatives to revitalize the traditional process, how to textile non-left "live" up?

2017-04-21 15:26:09 Zhejiang Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. Read


According to the requirements of the "plan", we should base ourselves on the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, learn from the outstanding achievements of human civilization, excavate and apply the cultural elements and technological concepts contained in traditional crafts, enrich the traditional crafts and product varieties, improve the design and production level, Product quality, cultivate Chinese craftsmen and well-known brands, so that the traditional process in modern life to get a new wide application, better meet the needs of the people to upgrade consumption.

By 2020, the traditional process of inheritance and re-creation ability, industry management level and market competitiveness, practitioners income and the role of urban and rural employment to be significantly improved. In fact, more and more brands in the textile industry from the traditional culture to find design inspiration. In the just-concluded China International Fashion Week, according to the text will be thick Buri style into the brand clothing; new Shen Group will be natural tie-dye, scraping and other traditional techniques combined with modern fine digital dyeing to make clothing more fashionable.

In recent years, the traditional process into the brand culture has become a trend, the combination of traditional skills and brands make the brand itself to achieve uniqueness and differences at the same time, traditional culture, skills and consumers closer to be inherited. Snow lotus is one of Beijing's old and famous brands, last year launched the advanced custom factory from the local history and culture to draw inspiration, and silk mosaic master Huang Xiaoqun, cloisonne master Zhang Xiangdong, ceramic master Zhao Chuanyu, Wen Cai embroidered master high strait, Ice, embroidered master Ha Chengqing, sheep skin painting master Wu Yong, shadow master Zhao Cui-lian, paper-cut master Chen Yumei, fan master Wang Yiming and nearly eighty years of national Kesi master Wang Jialiang and other 25 traditional handicraft experts to establish cooperative relations, Snow lotus in the weaving, dyeing, embroidery on the process advantages, the traditional skills and modern technology combined, launched a series of innovative custom products.

In the "plan" of the 10 initiatives, there are four initiatives are stressed in the craftsmen to cultivate efforts. "Plan" stressed the need to mobilize the enthusiasm of the younger generation in the traditional process, to expand the heritage of the intangible cultural heritage; the traditional process as China's intangible cultural heritage heritage training training program implementation focus, improve the ability to inherit, Strengthen the traditional process-related disciplines professional construction and theory, technical research, training professional and technical personnel and theoretical research personnel; organization of traditional crafts successors, enterprises and industry organizations to carry out international exchange and training training.

15 years, according to the text of the Chinese hand workshop team shuttle between the city and the mountains, will be hidden in the mountains among the embroidered mother to find out, has accumulated a wealth of handicraft master resources, the establishment of more than 3,000 Chinese handicrafts database and A variety of handicraft elements pattern database, the implementation of embroidered mother support plan, to promote the construction of handicraft museum community.

In the next three years, in the southwest Guizhou region to establish 1000 "embroidered dream workshop", each embroidered DreamWorks has at least five embroidered mother, each family, according to the latest strategy project "embroidery dream plan" Workshop to ensure an annual order of 50,000 yuan, so as to ensure that each family's annual income of 10,000 yuan. Now "embroidered dream plan" in the Qianxinan state to get the support and attention of local governments, at present, has been building more than 20 models. According to the Chinese handicraft industry through the Chinese handicraft enterprises and global designer resources, the workshop production of handicraft products to re-design and production.

Cultivate a new generation of traditional craftsmen, textile institutions can be described as all means. Hunan Arts and Crafts Vocational College set up a special Xiang embroidered art college, not only carried out the embroidery art design and marketing courses, but also created a "professional + project + studio" combination of work and study talent training model, hire Xiang embroidery master for the school mentor, The traditional mentoring grant into the vocational education system, school and enterprise cooperation, cultivate a cultural quality, aesthetic ability and artistic accomplishment, but also understand the technology and technology of a new generation of embroidery talent. Tianjin Polytechnic University has established the only textile intangible cultural heritage exhibition in Tianjin - Tianjin University of Technology textile intangible cultural heritage research hall, and opened a textile non-material cultural heritage optional classes, in the art and clothing college to cultivate "non Left "as the theme of the creative direction.